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3 Quick Tricks to Design your Desk

It's common knowledge that when we're happier, we're more productive. It's also a fact of life that we spend a LOT of time working! Why is it then that so many of us don't put time into making ourselves happier at work?

Since more and more people are realizing that they appreciate beautiful spaces, and valuing the clarifying mental impact beauty can have, I thought I'd give a few tips on quick ways to beautify a space that can have a lot of visual and mental clutter - your desk! 

  1. Keep it simple

Visual clutter translates to mental clutter. Find storage solutions for papers you don't need to access frequently. Hide that cup of pens and reduce the amount of items on your desk - by a LOT. Do you have pictures of your family thumb tacked up? Inspirational quotes? Having inspiration in sight can be helpful, but be intentional about it; find cute frames for the ones you love and clear away the rest.

Visual clutter extends to your desktop too. Find a cute desktop background that isn't too busy, and for goodness sake clean up those desktop items! If you pair down what you're looking at, you'll feel a lot lighter.

2. Beautify your basics

Every office space needs functional items like your computer and mouse, a stapler, printer, trash can, and even things like coffee cups. Take a moment and look at yours; are they bulky, dark and ugly? Generally non-inspiring? Luckily, we're living in an age where cute desk accessories are becoming more and more readily available.

Opt for lighter, brighter colors like white whenever possible, like a white mouse. Standard issue office supplies can feel super cold and sterile, so incorporate natural textures and elements, like a jute trash bin or leather mouse pad. Dress up utilitarian items, like your tissue box, your pens and your coffee mug, and generally be more intentional about what you're using. It's worth it to personalize a space you spend half your life in! 

3. Keep it fresh

Because we do spend SO much time at our desks, it's important to keep them both literally and figuratively fresh. For instance, smell; our senses play into how we feel more than we consciously notice, so keeping a candle on your desk or a diffuser near by can elevate your mood. In an office that frowns upon open flame? Opt for a pretty scented lotion - your coworkers will be asking to borrow some in no time. 

Another way to keep things fresh is by including plants in your office. Whether it's a fiddle leaf fig in a corner, or a vase full of flowers on your desk, absolutely nothing has a more powerful positive mental effect than bringing the natural world into your workspace! Keep in mind - visual symmetry has a blanching and grounding effect. I love using two similar vases on both sides of my computer that slightly differ in size, filled with eucalyptus; it's gorgeous and lasts for weeks!

To keep things figuratively fresh, I recommend re-styling or changing out items every few months. This could mean adding a new photo to your frame, trying a new candle, or swapping out your desktop background. Re-evaluating every so often and changing it up will keep things intentional and on track. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips on designing your desk space. Have questions? Comment below, or drop me a line on our contact page - I'd love to hear from you! 

All the best, xox

Hope, Olive + Oak

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