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New Client | Design Survey
Estimated Project Budget

Kindly include your budget for our services in the total number - a rough estimate is fine.

Ideal Start and Completion Dates:

Spaces to be Designed:

Decision Makers:

Household Residents:

People, pets, etc.

Desired Outcome for Residence:

'Forever home', rent, sell, etc.

What is your style best descried as?

Feel free to add further description in the 'Notes' section below.

Do you have inspiration images?*

Kindly link below to your Pinterest or Houzz boards.

Have you worked with a designer before? What did you like and dislike?*

What type of designer experience are you looking for?
How would you like this project completed?
What price point would you primarily like us to source options from?
Would you consider yourself decisive?
How did you find us?

What attracted you to Olive & Oak Interiors?*

What are your hesitations about this process? Do you have any pet peeves? Things you are hoping to avoid?*

An honest and open answer allows us to give you better service.


Kindly detail issues with the current space, favorite colors, pressing life-events, desired functions, etc.

After completing this survey, you will be prompted to schedule a discovery call. However, if there are any preferred times you wish to make note of here, please provide options below. 

Thank you for submitting! Please review our investment guide and schedule your discovery call

We can't wait to chat with you soon!

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