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Our Closet Updates with California Closets

I'm so excited to share the amazing transformations that we worked on with California Closets!

I mean - can you believe it? Wait till you see our primary closet!

As designers, many clients come to us with the same issue; their spaces just aren’t functioning. In addition to feeling unfinished as far as décor goes, a very common complaint is that rooms are not pulling the weight they need to for the inhabitant’s lives to run smoothly. In order to support these families with their busy schedules, we love to consider the intersection of design and organization – how can we create a space that can be perpetually beautiful while also exceptionally functional?

This was the same goal I considered when designing my own updates. We had undertaken a major home renovation which include a kitchen remodel and bathroom redesigns, as well as interior paint, new flooring, and a fireplace refacing (to name a few projects). Amidst all of these large goals, I was still focused on how I wanted to feel in the day-to-day, and knew that well-functioning closest would support us in keeping some semblance of order. The solution was to collaborate with California Closets.

I have a two-year-old son, and dancing around his seemingly endless array of laundry and toys was beginning to bog me down both mentally and physically. I his room to be a space that supported him in self-sufficiency while being aesthetically youthful and engaging. As an Interior Designer, I often see kid’s spaces get overlooked – deprioritized because they can feel overwhelming or hopeless to keep clean. However, if you invest a little time and intention into these spaces, they can beautiful in supporting children’s curiosity and independence (as well as your sanity!).

Another space I love to recommend clients prioritize if possible is the primary bedroom closet. You start and end each day in this space, so the state of chaos or order within it has a great bearing on your mental state. I know when I can get up, find clean, desirable clothes and shoes easily and get on my way before my son comes looking for me (and I resort to throwing on random athleisure), I’m a lot more likely to be productive the rest of the day.

We started the closet design process with California Closets by reaching out to their team. We were then assigned a design professional to aid in our updates. Andrea was so sweet and responsive, and listened carefully as I explained what spaces we were looking at working on.

My son’s room was a simple, builder-grade 90’s closet, and I knew I wanted to create an open concept closet with accessible bin storage at the bottom for toys, diapers and books.

Our primary closet was large enough, but had simple shelf and pole storage and a terribly placed shoe rack that made the space feel much smaller than necessary. While I knew what I wanted for my son’s room, in this space I especially appreciated the different 3D renderings Andrea created to illustrate the options for layouts (with pricing!).

Once we had decided on the design and details, we set a date for install. When the big day finally came, the professionals were prompt and courteous (and even finished earlier than anticipated). They came back to touch up all the little details, and now I couldn’t be happier with the results!

My son’s closet solution has been a dream. Having the items that are age-appropriate accessible to him in bins below, while keeping items he’ll grow into out of reach has been the perfect way to keep the space (generally) tidy.

I especially love that he has hanging space, as well as the symmetry of the overall layout. It was so fun to tie the leather pulls in with the tones of the birds in the wallpaper and the baskets below.

I also loved the shelf storage at the very top which is great for his shoes that are out of season or still too large.

One of my favorite parts about working with California Closets was how customizable everything was. I wanted the exteriors to be symmetrical, but the interior components to still optimize our storage space. We opted for a laundry pull out on the right (so critical!) and three hidden drawers for crib sheets, hats and other less often used items on the left. Now his space is super functional, and we couldn’t be happier with it!

As for our space – the transformation was equally exciting.

We went from having to walk around the large wooden shoe tower, to having a space so large both myself and my 6’4 husband can fit together comfortably. The added bonus of our floor-length mirror helps to make the room feel even bigger.

Andrea paid attention to every detail – from how many pairs of shoes both my husband and I have (more than I’d like to admit!), down to what we’d have in each drawer so we could ensure there were adequate dividers, nothing was left overlooked.

I also loved how we customized the interior components in the space to give everything a place.

Andrea even helped make sure we’d have enough hardware to hang all of our accessories, which was an amazing touch!

All in all, I love getting dressed in this space, and I couldn’t be happier we used California Closets!

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